Affordable preventive full body scans available in Oklahoma City

With our state-of-the art Electron Beam CT technology, we can detect the smallest irregularities months, or even years, before you would ever experience symptoms. If you are up against silent killers such as heart disease or cancer, early detection increases your chances of survival exponentially.

Full body scans by Advanced Body Scan are ultra-accurate, extremely fast and non-invasive – and give you information that can save your life.

Exclusive provider of low dose full body Electron Beam CT scans in Oklahoma

The ultra fast CT scan, or Electron Beam Computed Tomography, can be used to diagnose heart disease and detect cancer and other abnormalities in the body. The EBCT can take multiple images of the organs within the time of a single heartbeat, thus providing much more detail.

Advanced Body Scan is the only provider in the state offering this technology. It is the fastest CT scan available, allowing for greater accuracy for images in a heart scan, lung scan, bone scan, or virtual colonoscopy.

The best part: It’s available to anybody who wants peace of mind. Did you recently lose a family member and are concerned about your cancer risk? Is there is history of heart disease in your family and you are wondering how your heart has held up? We have answers. Ultra Fast – Ultra Safe – Ultra Accurate. And Ultra Easy!

Putting you back in control of your health

Take control of your health. Get a full body scan at Advanced Body Scan. With the increased detail of our Electron Beam CT scans, small irregularities become visible – improving detection of cancer, brain tumors, stroke, or heart abnormalities.

Steve Jobs’ oncologist Dr. David Agus believes that most Americans can live healthfully for about 100 years and then pass on peacefully and without prolonged illness, provided:

  • You take a proactive health approach
  • You catch disease early
  • You are prepared and share any and all concerns with your doctor

Take charge and make your health a priority.  Schedule your baseline scan today. Call 405-242-1400 for more information.